Hey It's me

The "IYLA" moment

Moving beyond conventional approaches and preset boundaries, I completed my certification and launched myself as a freelance Makeup artist. 

Although i have established myself as a reputed Makeup expert in the Industry, I have always understood the balance between make-up and a healthy skin. Deep down i knew that having a healthy skin care routine helps in resolving skin problems that a make up would cover.

Recollecting my teenage days, were i was well aware of the above facts (Thanks to my Mom), would make my own Face/Hair masks, with Natural ingredients available at home and share beauty tips with my teenage girl friends.

Time passed and i continued to share my skin/Hair care tips with my clients and friends. 

And that was the Eureka moment. I knew

Everybody loves to glow from inside out. This can be achieved only with a toxic free, natural ingredients. 

Driven by the value for money agenda

I constantly believes that makeovers are more than just beauty and shades. It is about the application of art, colours, and materials that best suits to one’s skin tone and comfort. Driven by the value for money agenda, I'm highly focused on the quality of the outcome, products to be used, and leaves behind a “gossiping makeover”. I always puts the client’s interest first, and has redefined looks to add an impeccable value. By being a perfectionist, I have never failed on an opportunity to select appropriate shades that best suits and accommodates one’s skin, wearables, jewellery and most importantly, the princely mood. 

My work has been recognised by my clients and it is a constant endeavour that they always want to rework worth her.

Be your kind of beauty!


I reputed freelance makeup artist with an unparalleled experience in wedding Bridal makeovers, Photo shoots and commercial shoots in Chennai. I have carved

a niche in the makeover industry by working with upcoming models, celebrities from the K-Town and the tele serial artists. I have an eye on upcoming trends and is known for her creative visual touch and finesse makeover.